The 10 BEST NATURAL GAS GRILLS. December 2019 Guide & Reviews

Before looking at and comparing the best models of natural gas grills, let’s look at its advantages over other grills – on propane, on charcoal, on electricity.  So, the most important thing is that you have a connection to the natural gas line.  And this is the main advantage – you are lucky, these grills are more convenient than all the others, and they are used more often than any other types of grills.

 So, what is more convenient for natural gas grill:

• these are the most powerful and spacious grills

• no problems like charcoal grills

• easy to light

• better heat distribution control

• when you need a big powerful grill and bottle grills will not cope with this task

• they burn cleaner

• fuel costs are significantly lower than those of charcoal and propane cylinders

• fuel does not run out in the middle of cooking, as happens with propane grills

At the same time, you need to take into account the features of Natural gas grills:

• you must have a natural gas supply line for burner fuel

• these grills are not portable

This guide reviews the best natural gas grills that we have selected for their excellent qualities that are on sale today that meet any needs and wishes.  In this comparison, you can determine the optimal parameters for you — the number of burners, types of cooking grills and their features, flame tamers, heat output, cooking area.  We will consider the best natural gas grills with different performance characteristics and different prices – from the good grills available to the most incredibly high-quality ones.  The aim of the review is to give you a better understanding of what a good gas grill should be in order to get the best grill for the money you are counting on.

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The 10 best natural gas grills of 2019

1. Weber Summit S-470 Stainless-Steel Natural Gas Grill

The unsurpassed handsome grill with the first-class quality of details, brilliant ideal surfaces, and many modern features.  It can be called a professional outdoor kitchen on wheels for half the price.  With this grill, grill lovers will be professionals – it is simple and convenient to use, looks and made perfectly, equipped with many additional interesting features.

 This grill is well thought out.  The 4 main burners deliver 48,800 BTU of total capacity.  The mass of additional burners is a smoke burner for adding wood chips for smoking flavors, a side burner, a back burner, a burner at a whisper station.

 The main cooking area is 468 square inches, and an optional removable heating stand is 112 square inches.

 What else has Weber prepared in this model and why is it so popular?  Above is a special grill system for more even cooking.  Infrared grill kit “Tuck Away Grill System” with connection to an electrical outlet – a folding motor for a spit and fork and a separate storage area.  Customized Snap-Jet ignition systems for quick starting.  Porcelain-coated Weber signature stainless steel grilles.  Removable grease pan and tilting catch pan – easy to clean and engineered to avoid catching fat drains.

 Two lights are integrated in the handle for the night grill.  There is a built-in thermometer, a search station to add tags to your meat.

 A professional look at the closed two-door trolley for storing and shelving a propane cylinder, two stainless side shelves with towel racks and 6 hooks for inventory – a lot of convenient space for cooking and storage.  So, this is an expensive quality outstanding natural gas grill from the list of the best.  made in the USA and equipped with many professional functions, ready to cook meals for 8-10 people at the same time.  High customer ratings and the famous Weber quality speak of the quality of such a purchase.

2. Napoleon Grills LEX485 with Infrared and other Burners Natural Gas Grill

The well-known manufacturer of good quality grills Napoleon took care in this model not only about modern functions and usability but also about the price of the product – the price remained very reasonable for most grill masters.

 And this grill is very powerful – the unthinkable 740,000 BTU supplied by the four main burners, equipped with additional side ceramic infrared burners with a lid and a back burner, allow you to cook many dishes at the same time, without taking up much space.  And all this is being prepared as soon as possible.  This grill is truly capable of improving your barbecue experience.

 The total cooking area is 805 square inches – on such a surface you can cook up to 24 hamburgers at the same time.

 Starting a Jet-Fire rocket grill with jet fire is very simple, and a uniformly heated surface perfectly cooks all your dishes.  The grill is heated very quickly and the lid with a retractable lid with double walls retains heat, evenly distributing it during cooking on the grill.

 Like the Weber Summit, the Napoleon natural gas grill has illuminated handles with the i-Glow system, and the control panel is also illuminated – this is a great solution after dark.

 The ideal grilling of steaks in this grill is realized in the infrared ceramic side zone – on it, the meat is fried for a delicious crust at high temperature and then moves to the main grills to bring the steak to your favorite level of readiness.

 An interesting feature that the grill masters will appreciate is an icebox with a stand for beer bottles that keep them chilled and delight while you’re at the helm of the grill.

 The convenience of the grill is also determined by the spacious side shelves with hooks for tools and coasters for seasonings.

 The grill body and all the main parts are made of durable stainless steel, this grill is truly all-weather and is able to withstand any weather conditions.  The grill is designed for long-term use.

3. Broil King Regal S590 Pro 5-Burner Natural Gas Grill

Among the best large models in the natural gas grill category is the Regal S590 from Broil King.  Customers appreciate the significant size and professional functions of this grill, this grill is designed to cook the most delicious dishes from the chef in the open air for your guests and family.

The 5-burner Regal S590 system pumps out 55,000 BTU of main heat and an additional 15,000 BTU of the rear burner for the spit and 10,000 BTU from the side burner.  The total cooking area is 875 square inches, which are distributed on the main cooking zone of 625 square inches and a heating rack of 250 square inches.  This is a huge power and grill area.

 The grilles and Flav-R-Wave system are made of stainless steel and made with high quality and durable.  Compared to other grills, its grills are thickened, therefore they will provide a long retention of heat and professional cooking of the juiciest meat, steaks, ribs.

 This natural gas grill is designed in stainless steel – the hob body, parts and components, side shelves, a closed cabinet base, a stainless steel lid with a rotatable cast aluminum lid.  The best durability of a natural gas grill in the open air.

 The grill control system with bright blue light looks and works spectacularly.  Built-in temperature sensor and electronic ignition switch in stainless steel.  Quick and easy start, convenient temperature control.  The extra space for dishes and storage is excellent – 2 spacious side shelves and a closet.

4. Napoleon Grills Prestige 500 Natural Gas Grill

An upscale grill is in no way inferior to professional grills.  One of the best natural gas grills of a premium class, fully meeting its price.  This grill is made durable and high-power, designed for long-term use and can cook at high temperatures.  It can deliver a whopping 80,000 BTU, with a total cooking area of ​​900 square inches, which is truly impressive.

The total number of burners is 6, of which 4 are the main burners, one infrared rear burner, and one side infrared burner.  With such areas and power, you can easily fry at the same time 30 hamburgers on the main grill and another 8 hamburgers on the side burner and even vegetables.

As well as Napoleon LEX485, Napoleon Prestige 500 is equipped with a powerful side infrared burner that instantly heats up to 1800F and is ideal for frying steaks for crust, and then the steak is cooked on the main cooking area on an indirect fire and brought to the desired level of cooking – this is how they are cooked  steak professionals.  You can also fry vegetables on the side burner.

The handles and the control panel also have a backlight that is irreplaceable when dark, and in this model Napoleon Prestige, they change color from blue to red when the burners are on.

The unique culinary systems of the WAVE corrugated gratings have been practically designed – ideal uniform cooking and protection against slipping meat between grill rods.

Spacious side worktops give a lot of space for cooking, there are also additional shelves for spices and bottles with drinks, convenient for the grill master.

A distinctive feature of Napoleon Prestige was the additional features of grill smoking.  To add the aroma of smoking to your dishes, you can fill a special smoking pipe with wood particles and enjoy the aroma of your dishes.  And the main feature of this model is the ability to cook on charcoal.  Yes, this grill is equipped with a separate tray for a smoker, in which coal is quickly ignited by gas burners and food is cooked on charcoal.

To summarize, we can name Napoleon Prestige’s best natural gas grill in the line of similar products.

5. Weber Genesis II E-410 Natural Gas Grill

Genesis II is of higher quality and more expensive than Spirit II and will satisfy any needs of the most demanding grill masters.  Genesis II has soared a notch above other grills and ranks among the best natural gas grills.  

The GS4 high-performance grill system is based on 4 high-performance stainless steel burners with enameled Flavorizer porcelain plates and an improved mechanism for cleaning grease drains and protecting them against ignition.  Weber’s special high-strength cast-iron grilles coated with porcelain enamel give 646 square inches of main cooking space and an additional 198 square inch Tuck-Away heating rack.  Together, this is a huge cooking area of ​​844 square inches, in which you can cook dishes for a whole crowd of relatives and friends in the shortest time.

Add to this the effective heat output of 48,000 BTU.  And we will get a powerful reliable assistant, causing envy and admiration for all neighbors.

 The grills are wider, relative to other grills with round rods on the grills, this gives Weber grilles not only a beautiful pattern on food but also a guarantee against slipping of products between the grill rods.  These special grills retain heat longer and more efficiently than stainless steel grills, making this grill the best choice for slow cooking large pieces of meat.

 The Genesis II E-410 is equipped with the GS4 exclusive high-performance grill system, unique to the Genesis range.  The GS4 grill system consists of four key components: high-performance burners, flavor grids, Infinity ignition, and a grease control system.

The advanced INFINITY Crossover electronic ignition system allows you to quickly turn on or off additional burners.  A powerful frame in a stylish case provides stability and makes it easy to move the grill.  An additional slot for installing the iGRILL ™ 3 wireless thermometer is cooking comfort on a whole new level.

 Genesis II is ideal for daily grilling.  It has an excellent structure and works more reliably in terms of heat and start than Spirit II.  But due to the fact that there are no cabinet doors, grease pallets need to be cleaned more often, they are contaminated by dust and animals. If you evaluate all the innovative systems and quality of Genesis, its durability and performance, as well as high customer ratings, then this is the best natural gas grill.

6. Dyna-Glo DGP397CNN-D Premier 3-Burner Natural Gas Grill

One of the most efficient gas grills available is the Dyna-Glo 3-Burner Gas Grill.  It has 3 hardened steel burners that allow you to use about 36,000 BTU of heat for cooking.  This heat spreads to the three burners, then the heat is transferred to the cast-iron metal grates for cooking, which perfectly and completely cook your dishes, without leaving any damp spots or semi-finished products that could be spoken about.  A double layer of steel on the lid of the grill retains constant heat, which does not fly into the air during cold weather or rain and ensures uniform distribution of heat inside the furnace.

The Dyna-Glo natural gas grill is the right solution for everything you need for a barbecue, and with a total cooking area of ​​550 square inches, there is enough barbecue space for your family.  The main cooking area of ​​396 square inches holds up to 12 burgers.  This roasting pan is accompanied by a reliable, quick start button that can launch your barbecue at any time.  Just hit the start button that goes in front of the flame to make it go.

 A great advantage of this grill is its convenience and ease of use, while few functions of the grill are quite enough for perfect cooking of meat of any size and type – from a huge steak to a small hamburger cutlet, as well as seafood and vegetables.  Choosing this model among the best natural gas grills will be sufficient if you do not expect to drastically empty your wallet.  This grill is one of the best natural gas grills.  This fire grill is not the best natural gas barbecue we appreciated.  It is not as durable as Weber, but the quality is excellent, and you can use it for a long time.  This barbecue can withstand water and help prevent rust or flame erosion for some time.  Thanks to the body and parts of the grill made of industrial steel, this grill is able to withstand the effects of water and a humid environment for a long time in bad weather outside, it is resistant to corrosion and rust.  And even so, it should be noted, when making reviews of natural gas grills, that after about 3-4 years, some parts tend to wear out and should be replaced for excellent work.  At the same time, the affordable price justifies this replacement of the part.

7. Weber Spirit II E-310 – The Best Basic Natural Gas Grill.

The Spirit II model is an updated version, in which advanced technologies are combined with a compact design.  This compact natural gas grill is equipped with the latest GS4 grill system and is compatible with iGrill 3 thermometers, which provides temperature control and eliminates unpleasant surprises of burning.  Two stainless steel burners allow you to cook in direct and indirect heat – this is valuable for both the grill master and the grilling novice.  Two burners deliver 26,500 BTU of heat from 450 square inches of cooking space, with a main cooking area of ​​360 square inches and an additional heating rack of 90 square inches.

  Weber paid special attention to the inner pipes, as well as the unusual branded grille.  All pipes are of the highest quality and are designed for harsh operating conditions, they are coated with anticorrosive compounds, and you don’t have to worry about them anymore, they are thought out as durable.

 Durable cast-iron gratings covered with porcelain enamel warm up evenly, leaving an excellent branded grill pattern on the products; moreover, many people are sure that this will be appreciated – they are very easy to clean and parts of the products stick little to them.  Also, for convenience and quick cleaning, the stock of unused fat in a disposable tray is thought out, which is simply removed and discarded, and in its place, we install a new disposable tray.  It is easy to care and clean grill.

 For heating buns on burgers and for heating bread to main dishes, a special heating stand is built-in.

 Side tables for working on your culinary masterpieces are also conveniently designed: if necessary, one or both wings of the tables can be folded, this can save a lot of space.  Additionally, on both sides of the tables 3 hooks for your favorite and necessary grill tools.

 This model will be the best choice if you want a quality grill and you do not need a large large grill, it is enough to feed a family or few friends.  There are all the best Weber functions in this grill, it is convenient and of high quality, and its price is much more affordable than other natural gas huge grills.

8. Broilmaster Natural Gas Grill

Natural gas grills reviews will not be complete unless we look at an interesting outdoor grill model on the natural Broilmaster H3 Grill Package 2 for Patio, Lawn & Garden.  It comes complete with a side shelf, which can be placed both on the left side and also on the right, so it is suitable for any space.  And the kit includes a grounding support made of stainless steel.  Yes, this grill must be mounted once and found a permanent place for it, because it does not provide for movement.  To install the rack, you need a soft soil surface, which is not found in some courtyards.  In this, it is not suitable for everyone.  If you have such conditions – let’s get to know him further, he will certainly improve your grill experience and make the purchase available for your wallet, so he is among the best natural gas grills.

 The sturdy cast aluminum housing protects the grill for a long time from corrosion and rust.

 The stainless steel Bowtie H-torch disperses the flame evenly and produces 40,000 BTU with a huge total cooking area of ​​653 square inches and is adjustable left and right.  The main grill is made of durable stainless steel, and the additional grill for heating is made of chrome steel.  This grill has special Charmaster Briquets designed to evaporate droplets and add fragrant barbecue smoke to your dishes.

 Good quality grill materials, durability, high power, and a huge cooking area put this model in the top natural gas grills range.  It is not as durable as the line of expensive multi-burner Weber, but it fully pays for its value and has excellent qualities at a price not so high as that of Weber.  In addition, it takes up little space and is always ready for work, while the cooking area is large – you can feed both family and friends.

9. Weber Q3200 Natural Gas Grill

This small-sized grill is best suited for premises and small spaces outdoors.  He is strong and does his job perfectly while taking up little space and at the same time many dishes cannot be cooked on it. Excellent characteristics brought him to the top-rated natural gas grills. Easy start-up with electronic ignition and many control settings, backlight on the handle. The grill is very quickly heated by two powerful burners that produce 21,700 BTU and heat 462 square inches of the total cooking area. The usual high quality of Weber gratings is cast-iron gratings coated with porcelain enamel.

The body and cover are made of cast aluminum, the frame reinforced with fiberglass – will ensure the reliability and durability of the grill. For convenient control, the temperature sensor is located on the front.  The grill is equipped with an additional rack for heating, two removable folding tables, a lower shelf for storage. Assembly of this grill will be the fastest of all others, as well as simple convenient use and control.

10. Napoleon Prestige PRO 665

If you need the coolest and first-class grill, then Napoleon Prestige PRO 665 is the best natural gas grill and it is expensive.  This grill is in the first place in our ranking of top natural gas grills, but because of its huge cost, it is placed at the end.

 The power of this grill is an unrivaled 99,000 BTU with 8 burners per 1,140 square inches of main cooking space.  You can cook 42 hamburgers at the same time.  And this is not the best dish for this grill – you can cook a real culinary masterpiece on it.

 Side infrared ceramic torch for professional frying until crisp juicy steak.  This burner heats up for 30 seconds to 1800 F. It is convenient to cook sauces and additives on it, slightly reducing power. Powerful grills of 9.5 mm steel retain heat for a long time and transfer it to dishes. Case and side tables made of stainless steel.

 All parameters and characteristics of this grill are significantly superior to all other grills.

 This grill meets all the grill needs you might want, and more.  Customer ratings for this grill are the highest.  But the price is definitely high.