The 11 Best Electric Smokers. Reviews and Best Customer Ratings. December 2019

Choosing an electric smoker can be a daunting task – there are many of them on the market, and it is difficult for a beginner to make the right choice right away and take into account all the features of working with an electric smoker in order to successfully invest your money in a great purchase. The choice becomes even more difficult if we consider both smokers on gas and coal. There is good news – working on smoking with electric coal is much easier and more convenient than with gas or coal – they need charcoal or gas, which you need to always take care of on time, more time and attention to smoking.

Delicious aromatic smoked meat or fish, thanks to the electric smoker, cooks and very tasty.

To make the choice of best electric smoker easier, below we will consider the most successful and popular models among buyers, their features and characteristics that must be taken into account when buying.  Our best reviews of electric smokers will help you make the right choice for the money you are counting on.

In this guide, we will consider the most important aspects of electric smokers, without which it is difficult to make the right choice and buy the right one for your needs.  Both the positive and negative sides of each of the considered models are described here.

In this guide, we will consider the most important aspects of electric smokers, without which it is difficult to make the right choice and buy the right one for your needs.  Both the positive and negative sides of each of the considered models are described here.

 You will know:

  • · 7 main advantages in which an electric smoker is better than others
  • · 11 best electric smokers with feature reviews
  • · 10 rules before buying an electric smoker

7 main advantages in which an electric smoker is better than others

The ability to smoke any food and get any food

 The power source of the electric smoker is a heating element, which is easier to control the temperature of any other smoker, you can set the temperature of smoking for meat, fish, vegetables and other products.  In such a smoker it is easier to properly and tasty cook any product.

 Most suitable for smokers with no experience.

 Gas and coal smokers require much more experience and attention, they can not be left and left for a long time.  Electric smokers have built-in functions for simple temperature control and setting the time for smoking the product.  You only need a good recipe, you will prepare the dish, and the rest will be done by the electric smoker himself.

 The ability to leave the process unattended

 As we already noted, this type of smoker will take care of the temperature and time of smoking the dish, and you do not need to worry and keep fire and flame in mind, as in gas and coal smokers, you do not need to constantly monitor the temperature and adjust the adjustment.  And you can also be calm that there is enough fuel for the entire process, and you do not need to add a gas cylinder or a pack of coal.  Temperature control is regulated by a built-in thermostat and a rheostat.

 Fire safety

 Modern smokers on fire are perfectly designed, but even so, beginner smokers have trouble contacting with fire, and such cases do happen and require special attention and caution when working with fire.  Unlike them, an electric smoker has no flame and is safer.  You can safely go away or approach the smoker, feeling safe from the flame.

 Simple and easy care for an electric smoker

 Smoker care internal and external.  Outwardly, the smoker does not have shelves and wall structures, there are no departments for coal, which after use must be cleaned and which are significantly contaminated.  It is only necessary to throw out used in the trash from the chip tray.  The internal parts are also very easy to clean, made of easily cleanable materials, some are dishwasher safe.

 Low costs in using an electric smoker, energy efficiency

 The electric smokers currently on the market are economical in their consumption of electricity and do not create large costs.  On the other hand, gas and coal grills require constant additional costs for gas cylinders and coal, moreover, you need to take care of this fuel in advance and have it in stock.  Electricity is always there and it is more accessible to use than the service of other types of smokers.

 So, you can clearly control the temperature and time of preparation of products, always available maintenance and connection to the mains, less time for maintenance and cleaning, less attention and control of the smoking process, no additional fuel is needed.

11 best electric smokers. Reviews of the best models for their money in different categories.

The two main things we look at when choosing a suitable electric smoker are its price and its abilities, then we pay attention to the customer rating. Here we have collected the best models for their money, equipped with levels of complexity of the smoker, and also took into account the customer ratings. Therefore, here you will not find bad or unsatisfactory electric smokers, here only the best and meet their price for every dollar-from the most inexpensive to $ 100 and to the most functionally equipped and quality above $ 500.

TOP 1. Best Seller
Best Electric Smoker
Best Simple Analog
Electric Smoker
Best Budget Electric Smoker
with Glass
Best Electric Digital Smoker

1. Best electric smoker – Masterbuilt Digital Electric Smoker

This model is deservedly in the list in the first place – it is perfectly equipped, costs very reasonable money, has proven itself in the work and has the highest customer ratings. Consider what it is good.

The 30-inch electric digital smoker stands far ahead of simple analog smokers, it is roomier, offers more features and functions. However, it is not as simple as analog smokers, which would be the best choice for a beginner. The digital temperature sensor allows you to set the temperature range to 100-275 degrees Fahrenheit, which is perfect for cooking different dishes – from vegetables and seafood to ribs, jerky and even grill. In this case, the built-in timer will not allow your dish to overcook.

Large internal volume-four racks give 700 square inches of cooking area. Convenient display of internal temperature on the digital panel, thermostat to control and maintain the desired temperature. Wood chips for Smoking flavors can be added without opening the door and loss of temperature through the side slot. Excellent thermal insulation of the body.

This model is the ultimate electric smoker and is sure to improve your Smoking experience. For beginners, smokers are also suitable, as well as for more experienced.

2. Best simple analog electric smoker – Char-Broil Analog Electric Smoker               

A great choice for the novice smoker. High-quality reliable construction, good thermal insulation, simple and absolutely clear operation, easy temperature control system on the built-in sensor, double latches for closing the door. This model of analog smoker has 3 chrome racks with a total cooking area of 544 square inches – quite enough for family or even friends.

The internal device is also convenient and practical-the design with double walls and with double outlets perfectly keeps the temperature and provides excellent circulation. A 1200 watt heating element is more than enough for a model of this size. Also inside is a chip tray for fragrant Smoking, a water tray for a juicy dish without drying and a tray for dripping fat.

3. Best analog inexpensive electric smoker with glassLandmann Smoky Mountain 26″ Electric Smoker

Like the Char-Broil Analog Electric Smoker, this analog smoker is very simple and best suited for beginners, while it has interesting differences with this model – it is the presence of a viewing glass in the door, which will be interesting and convenient while watching the Smoking process, as well as a modern design of 3-in-1 pallets, which combines the departments for chips, water and fat drains.

Other interesting features are adjustable feet for leveling on uneven surfaces and side metal handles for easy transportation. Among the usual important features is a built-in temperature sensor, a 1,500-watt high-power heating element that easily serves 443 square inches of cooking space on three tiers of chrome-plated metal, and can maintain temperatures up to 260 degrees Fahrenheit. This power is more than enough to smoke any kind of food and even make a barbecue. And the cooking area will be enough to prepare meals for the whole family.

4. Top-rated with the best rating – Masterbuilt 20078715 Electric Digital Smoker

Convenient ergonomic design and ease of use made this model of electric smoker one of the best among the reviews of people who bought it. This model is really popular. Let’s consider why.

This smoker is already more than the previous models in our rating. And reaches 30 inches with a huge total cooking area of 721 square inches on four chrome-plated racks. The 800-watt heating element can maintain a cooking temperature of 100 to 275 degrees Fahrenheit. The convenient electronic display has a blue luminosity color and is perfectly readable even in direct sunlight.

Improved front tray for easy access, drip tray, and side loading chip tray so there is no need to open the door and expend heat.

This model will be understandable for novice smokers. It is perfectly prepared for a variety of dishes and at the same time, its area will allow you to cook food for many people.

5. Best for its low cost and reviews – Old Smokey Electric Smoker

Don’t be confused by the antique design of this electric smoker – it is one of the best and does its job perfectly. Its price will please you and customer reviews are very high – it is the best choice of the affordable electric smoker for your money. The design of this model is preserved from the original since 1954, but its internal structure is constantly upgraded and improved.

A simple but effective device: at the bottom of this electric smoker is a 1250 Watt heating element-Yes, it’s a powerful helper. Above the heating element, a chip tray is attached, which will provide a smoky flavor to the dishes, and above there are two kitchen racks with a tray between them to drain the juices of the dish. It is equipped with a thermostat to control the temperature and select the cooking mode.

This smoker is also incredibly portable-thanks to the aluminum steel body, it weighs only 25 pounds, and is equipped with side heat-resistant handles for easy carrying.

6. The best little cheap long-term smoker – Smokehouse Little-Chief

Another model of the classic design, which was maintained by the manufacturer for many years, but improved functionality. This is not just a small smoker, but also a smoker of long Smoking-its heating element especially has only 250 Watts, that the process was long, and the result is the best-the meat in it turns out very juicy and dishes in it do not dry out thanks to the long process of cooking at low temperatures up to 165 degrees Fahrenheit.

It is incredibly easy to manage, easier to come up with, and its price-the most affordable of all. At the same time, there are 4 grates for Smoking and a tray for drain and drops, as well as a Department for smoky chips for Smoking flavors.

For the beginner’s smokers of meat, this model is perfect. It is simple and affordable. The inconvenience will only be in loading the grids through the top and the duration of Smoking, but the result will certainly please.

7. The best quality professional smoker – Smokin-It Model #1 Electric Smoker

With its external similarity to the previous model of the Little Chief Electric Smoker, in fact, it is significantly different. First of all-the price, because it is three times more expensive than the previous model. Where did this price come from? Mainly because of the materials it is made of – this electric smoker is entirely made of high-grade 18 gauge stainless steel, and buyers have appreciated this in highly rated reviews. The double housing has excellent thermal insulation – it completely retains all the heat inside that the outside of the housing stays cool. Its high maneuverability and portability thanks to rubber wheels with lockable and side handles immersed in the body.

Inside there are 3 removable movable shelves that allow you to place large dishes for cooking, at the bottom there is a smokehouse, and the tray for drains and drops slides from below under the smoker and this is convenient to clean, besides it does not take up space inside. The heating element is a low-power 400 Watt and single-phase 120-volt amplifier, which is quite enough for this size, with excellent thermal insulation from gives a temperature of 100F to 250F, which is controlled by a rheostat.

This model is characterized by excellent quality, durability, good control system, thoughtful comfortable design, and ergonomics. It is worth the money and if you are willing to spend this budget, it will not disappoint you.

8. The best family compact smoker – Char-Broil Vertical Electric Smoker

A great choice for a family of any size is the powerful model with a large 505 square inch cooking area and removable cast iron grills. High-power 1500 Watt heating element and double metal stainless housing with excellent thermal insulation make this smoker really powerful. On the internal cast iron grills, you can not only smoke dishes slowly but also make a barbecue, which is great for a variety of tastes in the family, besides barbecue dishes at high temperatures are prepared quickly. The front temperature sensor is convenient to control.

The wood shavings pan and drip Cup are removable, easy to remove and clean, as well as a convenient porcelain ashtray and water tray.

The compact dimensions make this model suitable for any space, as well as the heat-proof housing, convenient handles for transportation to the right place.

9. The best smart smoker with Bluetooth – Masterbuilt 20072115 Bluetooth Electric Smoker

This option will be the best purchase for those who appreciate technology and functionality in home life. You can set the temperature and cooking time on your smartphone and go about your business without the need to constantly approach and monitor the process.

As for its size and power, they are impressive and they are enough to feed family and friends.  721 square inches of cooking area on four chrome-plated grills and an 800 Watt heating element with excellent thermal insulation and an observation window so you don’t have to open the door and lose heat guarantee uniform Smoking with adjustable temperature up to 272F, which is easy to read on the display with blue glow and sunshade. Internal led backlight in the dark.

It is an ideal choice for connoisseurs of simple smart Smoking, many convenient features will make the cooking process fun and invisible in time. It is easy to move because it is equipped with wheels and a rear handle. It also has a built-in temperature controller for meat and many new convenient features.

10. The best portable smoker and for camping – Masterbuilt 20073716 Portable Electric Smoker

The most convenient portable model of quality electric smoker with folding legs and heat-proof handles is perfect for travel, camping and for your patio. The quality of Masterbuilt remains on top. It is easy to use, with two 280-square-inch movable internal cooking racks, making it suitable for large dishes like Turkey. Its power is huge-a 1400 Watt heating element with which it can smoke and barbecue. Pallets for chips and water removable, easy to clean.

Simple analog control, 3 temperature modes: low, medium, high. Convenient easy-to-read temperature gauge on the door. It’s a really great portable option with quality and convenience that’s worth the money.

11. Best internal smoker – Presto 06013 Electric Indoor Smoker

When there is no opportunity to place an outdoor smoker, or there is no opportunity to use it as often as you want, then your assistant will be a great little inexpensive home electric smoker with a high consumer rating reviews and ratings.

Its appearance reminds us of a slow cooker and a pot because it has double walls and handles like street smokers, while its design is designed to harmoniously fit it into our kitchen, so the shape is rounded, not square.

It has a heating element with a Department for fragrant chips. The smoke can be adjusted-cold, hot or combined-depending on the dish, as well as the temperature is fully adjustable. Convenient touch control on the external panel, digital time sensor with alarm clock and timer. Sealed cover of tempered glass does not let odors into your room, all the smells of Smoking remain inside the smokehouse. The three-tier food rack with handles makes dish extraction convenient.

Cold and hot smoke is used for different dishes and sizes, a guide with recipes for best results is attached.

For its cheap price, it is a great electric smoker of its kind and is highly rated by buyers in reviews. It works perfectly without problems and the food always turns out delicious.  When you need a home smoker-be sure to pay attention to it.

10 rules before buying an electric smoker

One and the same electric smoker for one buyer will be ideal, and for another insufficient, for the third-too difficult. Therefore, you need to evaluate the functions and features of the selected model before buying to make the right choice and remain satisfied.

So, consider the points that are important before buying. Here we will take into account the dimensions, and the place where the smoker will work, its design and equipment, the purchase budget and expectations from it.

The dimensions of the smoker determine its capacity for products.

When choosing a smoker, the first thing to think about its size, because it will determine how many people for 1 reception he can feed. When your task is to prepare meals only for your family for 2-4 people, you can opt for a small or portable electric smoker. If you want to use a smoker with friends, and you will be about 8 people, then you should opt for a middle-class smoker. This is the most common size, which is usually enough and it is capable of much. In that case, if you intend to feed a lot of guests, you will need a large multi-smoker, it is considered professional, requires a lot of money and skills, this purchase is sometimes unjustified, since it is rarely used, and is expensive. This is an option for experienced serious smokers.

What materials should be the main parts of an electric smoker

The outer housing should be made of fireproof stainless steel, often with a tempered glass viewing window for easy viewing, so as not to lose temperature when the door is opened. The inner case is made of durable stainless steel, it is good if with porcelain coating, which greatly facilitates further care and cleaning. An accurate built-in thermometer is also a necessary function that will help to control the Smoking process and the temperature necessary for your dish.

It is important to pay attention to whether replacement parts are produced for your chosen model of smoker, which are often quite inexpensive but allow them to be replaced and continue to serve your electric smoker. The best manufacturers of electric smokers pay attention to this issue because they care about the pleasant use of their products.

The inside of the electric smoker

Each electric smoker has similar internal parts which consist of a heating component, wood chips, water and oil plate, and Smoking accessories. The heating component is at the base, trays, and pans-in the center, and above them Smoking racks. Smoking racks occupy most of the space of the smoker.

The inner part of the smoker can have from 2 to 6 grids, depending on the size and class of the model. You should also pay attention to other internal devices of the selected model. For example, if you want to smoke sausages, fish or vegetables, make sure the smoker has an appropriate place for them. For Smoking sausages need a rack for vegetables and fish-a special pan, it will greatly facilitate the cooking process.

External view of the electric smoker

The door with a glass insert will be interesting and useful especially for the novice smoker so that you can consider the cooking process and easier to control it. Some models are equipped with wheels – this feature will be useful for those who do not have a permanent dedicated space for the smoker and sometimes need to move it.

Functionality and class

The simplest models with the minimum number of functions are designed for novice smokers, they will help to understand the whole process and easily cope with the task. More complex, with additional features and capabilities smokers will be useful for advanced users, but can confuse the novice master, because at first, it will be difficult to understand all the functions and intricacies, that the result of Smoking is likely to remain inadequate and will frustrate a novice wizard Smoking. Therefore, a simple convenient and understandable model will be an excellent choice for a beginner smoker, over time with the advent of skills, you can improve your Smoking experience by acquiring a more complex model.

So, the most commonly considered functions are internal temperature sensor, glass window or screen, radio frequency remote control, digital temperature control, wheels, types of baking trays for cooking or ease of cleaning.

Determine the place where it will be located

Consider the location of your smoker before buying – it is better to plan in advance because its operation requires some conditions.

You also need to plan the size of the smoker relative to where you plan to use it.

A suitable place for your new electric smoker will be a courtyard, garage, patio, or even a balcony. And here it is necessary to take into account the main condition location-when using it must be under the roof or canopy. Any model of electric smoker should be protected from rain and strong wind for safe use.

It’s also worth thinking about storage – it could be a case or other shelter at a time when the smoker won’t be used. This way you will keep it in good condition for a long time, because it does not like moisture and aggressive environment.

Acceptable for you the cost of an electric smoker

If you are a beginner smoker and just going to learn, your costs will be minimal, because you will be able to choose the right model within about $ 100 with minimal features and a small size. You do not yet need a multi-functional oversized assistant, equipped with many features and innovations, which will improve the Smoking experience of more experienced craftsmen who already understand the whole process, want to control it better and in more detail, achieving excellent culinary results. Such electric smokers will cost from 200-300 dollars, depending on their many functions and dimensions.

In any model, it is necessary to remember about the quality of the materials used – stainless steel. And also the price may depend on the brand.

The ability to add a real flavor of smoked wood

If you would like to receive dishes that are really impregnated with the aroma of Smoking, there is an opportunity to choose the model of the electric smoker with the function of the addition of wood chips for the more fragrant result.

Easy care and cleaning

An important aspect that often falls out of attention is how easy it will be to care for the chosen model of an electric smoker. Pay attention to how wide open the doors, whether there is convenient access to cleaning, removable grills, and trays – it’s all much easier to care for and does not take much time.