The 12 Best Small Gas Grills – A Complete New Review | November 2019

Residents of cities, especially large cities, do not always have spacious areas near the house or a huge local area, but this should not deprive us of the pleasure of owning a full-fledged grill.  Most often, our space in the fresh air is not at all as large as we would like.  The same applies to myself – in connection with which I am writing this review, understanding the essence of the question – what small grill to choose for a small outdoor area in the air?  What grill for a balcony, a small patio will be the best purchase?

 Even those who do not have much space have the opportunity to enjoy their own delicious grill – juicy pork ribs, chicken breasts, hamburgers, and, of course, steaks…  Mmmmm … All this is equally tasty cooked both on a sizeable giant grill and on a small propane grill.

Now I will talk about those functions of small grills that you will be desirable and necessary, as well as those functions that you would be perfectly fine without having made a choice in the direction of a compact gas grill.  At the same time, your new grill and your skills to control it will cause admiration and envy of friends and acquaintances, your family will simply be grateful to you for all the delicious food.  Yes exactly.  All grills discussed here will do their job perfectly – this is the choice of the best small propane grills with good price and quality compliance.

The 12 Best Small Gas Grills selected and worthy of attention in 2019.

1. Weber Spirit II E-210

26 500 BTU/hr

cooking space 360+90

57 x 48 x 26 in


$$$ / bestseller

5. Weber Q1000


8 500 BTU/hr

cooking space 189

14.5 x 27 x 16.5in


$ / top

9. Cuisinart CGG-306


8 500 BTU/hr

cooking space 189

14.5 x 27 x 16.5in


$ / top

2. Char-Broil Performance

24 000 BTU/hr

cooking space 300+100

44 x 42.9 x 24.5 in



6. Fuego Element F24C

26 500 BTU/hr

cooking space 415+110

24 x 24 x 47 in



10.Giantex Propane Tabletop

26 500 BTU/hr

cooking space 415+110

24 x 24 x 47 in



3. Coleman RoadTrip LXE

20 000 BTU/hr

cooking space 285

32 х 35 х 19 in



7. Char-Griller E3001

40 800 BTU/hr

cooking space 438+192

48 x 28 x 48 in



11. Cuisinart CGG-180T

40 800 BTU/hr

cooking space 438+192

48 x 28 x 48 in


$ / bestseller

4. Coleman RoadTrip 285

20 000+ 3 250 BTU/hr

cooking space 285

30.2 x 19.2 x 16.1 in



8. Royal Gourmet

24 000 BTU/hr

cooking space 310+107

45 x 22.4 x 44.5 in



12. Char-Broil TRU-Infrared

24 000 BTU/hr

cooking space 310+107

45 x 22.4 x 44.5 in



1. Weber Spirit II E-210 Black LP – Powerful Small Gas Grill

This grill is not without reason won the love of many buyers – it delights with its power, build quality and impeccable quality of the materials used in it, Weber surpassed himself and created a masterpiece of culinary art. What does this Weber model really be called the best small gas grill – let’s look at it in detail.

The Spirit II model is an updated version, in which advanced technologies are combined with a compact design.  This compact gas grill is equipped with the latest GS4 grill system and is compatible with iGrill 3 thermometers, which provides temperature control and eliminates unpleasant surprises of burning.  Two stainless steel burners allow you to cook in direct and indirect heat – this is new that Weber added and it is valuable for both the grill master and the grilling novice.  Two burners deliver 26,500 BTU per-hour input from 450 sq.  inches square inches of cooking space, with a main cooking area of ​​360 square inches and an additional heating rack of 90 square inches.

Weber paid special attention to the inner pipes, as well as the unusual grille.  All pipes are of the highest quality and are designed for shock operating conditions, they are coated with anti-corrosion compounds and worries about them will never have to be so thought out as long-lasting.

Lattices pleased me, I can confess, the most.  Cast iron inside and covered with porcelain enamel, they warm up evenly, leave an excellent branded grill pattern on the products, and besides, I’m sure many will appreciate it – they are very easy to clean and traces of products do not stick so much to them.  Also, for convenience and quick cleaning, this model has thought over the drain of unused fat into a disposable tray, which is simply removed and thrown away, and in its place, we install a new disposable tray.  I can say it is an easy to care and clean grill.

 For heating buns on burgers and for heating bread to main dishes, a special heating stand is built-in.  This is also an added convenience.

 Side tables for working on your culinary masterpieces are also conveniently designed: if necessary, one or both wings of the tables can be folded, this can save a lot of space. Additionally, there are 3 hooks on both sides of the tables for your favorite and necessary grill tools.

 I can say this is my main home grill.  I chose this model for frequent use and was not disappointed.  And every time, starting to grill, he makes me happy.  Yes, if I had more space, I would have acquired an even more powerful 5-burner grill, but this will be later, but for now, I’m happy with my choice.  And I have already tried many dishes – these are juicy pork ribs, steaks more often than medium-rare, chicken breasts and hamburgers, barbecue and grilled vegetables.  Always uniform cooking without pale patches.  For me, this is the best small gas grill – a true master of his craft.

2. Char-Broil Performance 300Chef’s 2-burner Gas Grill

This model, among other compact grills, differs not only functionally, because it is designed as part of the furniture and interior – in the form of a nightstand cabinet, and also arouses respect for its serious look of the chef’s grill. 

And this small grill is just one of the most simple ones – it is simple and quick to use, it does not require special skills and training.  If you just need to conveniently cook on the grill without different fashion options – then this is all that you may need.  This grill is simple and convenient from assembly to cleaning after use.  I would call it – the fastest in service compact gas grill Chef’s.

 A nice bonus of this model – with such a severe appearance – this is the price, the cost of this grill will inevitably please, it is much more affordable than the same Weber Spirit.

 If we consider its power and cooking area, then they are slightly less than that of Weber Spirit.  There are also two burners, and they supply 24,000 BTU of heat from 300 square inches of main cooking space and an additional 100 square inches of heating rack that deflects when you lift the lid.  This additional rack is designed for heating and frying buns for hot dogs and hamburgers.

 The grilles are made on the same principle as Weber Spirit – durable cast iron grilles with durable porcelain coating.  And this, again, great solves the issue of sticking food debris and further cleaning.

 The grill is made of durable stainless steel, like two burners with a top port, for rust resistance and durability.

 The electronic ignition system is powered by a single AAA battery and instantly turns on the burners.  Each burner is regulated by its own temperature knob to select areas and heating options for the simultaneous preparation of different dishes and different roasting intensities.  It is also available to set fire with matches if circumstances or desires so require.

 The removable grease tray, like the grilles, has a ceramic coating, and this also speeds up and facilitates cleaning.

 If we talk about work surfaces, it is also well thought out – two side tables can accommodate dishes, and ready-made dishes, and all the equipment in the cooking process.  These side countertops can be folded for compact convenient storage, and also use only one if space limits you to this.

 The lower cabinet with the door is large enough and accommodates a container with propane, not allowing it.

 Of the four wheels, two can be locked for stability and the grill can be fixed.

 I can say that this grill is designed to be as convenient and fast as possible – from assembly to caring for the grill, all movements are simple and quick.  It is more suitable for those who quickly want to go to the main dishes, personally prepared.

Portable Propane Grills

3. Coleman RoadTrip LXE and 4. Coleman RoadTrip 285 new model

These two models of the same manufacturer should be considered together. They have a lot in common and some differences from the newer version of RoadTrip 285, while an earlier established model RoadTrip LXE has managed to win the love and trust of many fans of the grill.

These two models of the same manufacturer should be considered together. They have a lot in common and some differences from the newer version of RoadTrip 285, while an earlier established model RoadTrip LXE has managed to win the love and trust of many fans of the grill. And I want to say that RoadTrip LXE my second portable grill, which is owned by myself. Yes, he does not have the area of roasting, which can offer other large gas grills, but its incomparable mobility and portability the size of a small suitcase – I and its other owners passionately appreciate and love. This is the perfect portable product. It is designed for travel and trips, as well as for the patio when not a lot of places need to clean your grill after the feast. These are the two best small grills for traveling in the category of reliable and durable – they were designed so they could withstand the rigors of travel and travel. Collapsible folding design of the grill makes it dimensions suitable for any car.

Of course, no one can say which one is better – RoadTrip 285 or RoadTrip LXE, because it depends on the preferences and requirements of the buyer. And for each choice would be more appropriate. But we will discuss the advantages and differences of each model to facilitate the selection.

Their foldable design you can install in seconds without any complicated Assembly.

Hob on 285 square inches provides a total capacity of 20 000 BTE heat from burners 2, but the version of RoadTrip 285 is equipped with a third burner at which the power reaches 3250 BTE heat.

replacement of the hob Swaptop allows you to switch the grill using the pan or grill for furnace

Both models feature a convenient pull-out side tables for easy access to ingredients and utensils. After use, fold easily.

Thanks to the porcelain-coated cast-iron grates and a removable grease tray for both models a small propane grill is easy and convenient to clean, which is very important especially in travel when cleaning I want to engage the least.

Portable design allows you to conveniently move your grill with large wheels and a convenient handle , and store it upright to save space.

Both compact grills, compact grills equipped with a thermostat built into the lid.

Now it is possible to consider the distinctive benefits of each model.

The latest version of the RoadTrip 285 is built for 3 independently adjustable burners for even better temperature control, as in the classical model RoadTrip  LXE them 2. I will appreciate it meticulously casual connoisseur grilling, because in reality the taste of it not changed, it will reflect better on the process of cooking food.

RoadTrip 285-designed from the aesthetic side –button Instastart automatic ignition without matches and lighters are embedded in both models of Fujitsu RoadTrip and RoadTrip 285, but in the latest models, it also provides unmatched coverage. Of course, this feature plays no role in the end, however, it pleases us.

Fujitsu is a bit larger in size compared to the 285 with a smaller height and low profile. RoadTrip 285 has dimensions of 30.2 x 19.2 x 16.1 inches; 46.7 lbs . RoadTrip LXE has dimensions: 32 x 35 x 19 inches ; 44 pounds. The width is a little more RoadTrip 285.

Coleman RoadTrip LXE is ideal not only for summer cooking, as well as in cold conditions thanks to the PerfectFlow technology, which helps to provide stable heating power.

And finally, let’s mention the cost of the models because the difference is significant. RoadTrip 285 created as a new lightweight version of the RoadTrip model of  LXE. RoadTrip LXE remains the most strong and durable and is of excellent quality interior materials. This is not to say that RoadTrip 285 bad but tells us to decide how much and often we will operate the grill if it is used often, 4-5 times a week and for many people, it is safer to stop the election on a RoadTrip LXE. If Your needs are much less and the use will be less frequent – it is a great assistant will RoadTrip 285.

Both of these models provide an opportunity to demonstrate their skills to the grill during camping trips, picnics and parties in the back yard, their appearance and portability will attract the attention of all without exception, friends.

5. Weber Q1000 – Small Propane Grill

Modest in size, but not in strength.  Although it does not look like a giant, it is one of the best small grills with the powerful features of a large grill, so it is included in this list of best small gas grill reviews.

 Weber is famous for its ability to make the best grills, and this grill also matches its brand.

 This is a great option for grilling on the go – it is convenient to take it for a walk, picnic, on the beach or on a hike.

 Like the larger Weber grills, this small gas barbecue has sturdy cast iron grills.  Covered with porcelain enamel.  These cooking grates distribute heat much better than simple stainless steel gratings, and it is much easier to clean them – this saves a lot of time.

 This model, of course, is not suitable for a large party for many people, where there will be a lot of meat and ribs – its capacity is 8500 BTU.  However, she will cope with the typical tasks of a picnic – hot dogs, hamburgers, barbecue chicken, as well as seafood.  Cooking area on wire racks 189 square inches.

 Side tables are also effectively used – from tools to ready-made dishes.

 The overall dimensions of the grill allow you to store it almost anywhere until you use it.  And during use, it can be put on the table, or optionally add a frame, making it more static and permanent.

6. Fuego Element F24CTechnological Gas Propane Grill

A very special grill.  This model is truly unique – from carbon steel in body materials to space design from former Apple chief designer.  If you are a connoisseur of really cool things – you will like this small gas grill.  Of course, you will have to invest in it too – cool things can not be cheap.  I must admit that this grill delights me and, for sure, it will also leave an impression on your friends.

 The most technologically advanced grill Fuego Element F24C gains a temperature of 500F in just 5 minutes.  The dual-zone burner system allows you to cook food on direct and indirect fire – it depends on the location of the dish on the main or heating rack.  When fully heated on both burners, this powerful grill can produce temperatures of up to a huge 700F. Impressive, isn’t it.  A semicircular domed lid in the best way contributes to the proper circulation of heat inside the grill, creating a convection system for cooking.

 Despite the fact that the Element F24C is considered a small gas barbecue, it has incredible capacities – an impressive 26,500 BTE of heat with a heating area of ​​525 square inches (415 square inches on the main platform and 110 square inches of a heating rack), which is a very serious achievement for compact grills.

 With its overall dimensions of 24 x 24 x 47 inches, the cooking area is unusually spacious.

 Additional convenient features for safety during cooking are the hinged 45-degree lid design with a side handle that protects your hand from heat.  The lid in this position also acts as a windshield when you need to keep it open during grilling.

 A propane canister is located at the bottom of the grill and snaps tightly to remove any annoying wheezing during use.

 Smooth rotating industrial rollers will not leave any marks after moving the grill.  This grill can be called the best small bbq grill for your balcony or patio.  He is really cool.

7. Char-Griller E3001 Grillin ‘Pro 40 800-BTU – Compact Propane Grill

This grill belongs to the affordable price range of grills from $ 200 to $ 300.  And this is the best grill for the money.  This grill cooks well and consists of heavy-duty materials compared to other grills of this price range.  It also has some minor flaws that are offset by performance and a long service life.

 And this is a rather powerful device – it is equipped with three burners that heat the grill to 500 F in just a few minutes and give out 40,800 BTU of heat – this grill is really strong, and the side burner can produce 12,000 BTU of heat.  The main grill area of ​​438 square inches and a heating rack area of ​​192 square inches give together 630 square inches of total cooking area.  In terms of its parameters, this is not such a small gas grill.  However, its overall dimensions still leave it in the compact propane grill category: 50 “H x 25” W x 42 “L.

 Heavy-duty porcelain-coated cooking grids make cleaning easy.  Above the main grill, there is a burner on top, there is also a side burner, which is used to prepare sauces in a pan, thanks to this you can save time, energy and space by performing several culinary tasks at the same time.

 Side shelves are spacious enough for minimal tools.  Of the shortcomings, it can be noted that the left shelf does not add up because there is a side burner.  It can also be noted that it will take a little time to lower the temperature of the grill – it does not reduce the temperature as quickly as it raises.

 And on the roof of the grill, there are two packs that serve as chimneys, as the manufacturer indicated, these packs help to evenly heat the grill.  In general, the grill is reliable and strong, powerful and ready to work 3 times a week.

8. Royal Gourmet 2-Burner – Patio Propane Gas Grill

If you are looking for the best small propane grill for 2 burners for a balcony or a small patio, then this model is a good option.  This compact gas grill is made of very high quality, from expensive materials, is well thought out on the functional side and looks like a life-size grill – this is a luxury cooking system.  It can drain your wallet if you are not ready for it.  And it costs every dollar its price.

  Royal Gourmet is very strong – its two burners give 24,000 BTE of heat and heat up the device very quickly.  Each burner is governed by its own pen, which uses the ignition with a push and twist.  This makes it possible to use the grill for the simultaneous preparation of various dishes when there is such a need.

 A classic of a good quality grill is cast-iron high-quality grilles with a porcelain coating, which reduces the adhesion of food debris and greatly simplifies cleaning.  These cooking grids give 310 square inches of cooking space.  There is also a large warming rack space of 107 square inches, which is also covered with porcelain.

 The lid of this grill is also made perfectly – a two-layer design for the preservation of heat, a built-in thermometer, black powder coating.  An interesting and competent solution is a shelf on the facade of the grill for spices and drinks, also equipped with a bottle opener.

 Folding side tables are also made of stainless steel and are large enough for cooking small items.  Tables can be folded for compact storage.

 This model of small gas barbecue grill is perfect for outdoor storage – all its parts are made of high-quality stainless materials, it is quite airtight and can be safely left on the street until next use.

9. Cuisinart CGG-306 – Chef’s Style Stainless Tabletop Grill

This is a small grill for great culinary adventures.  Its inexpensive price of up to $ 200 has made it one of the most frequently bought grills among the best small grills.

It is as if created to settle on your work surface when there is no opportunity to sit in the open air, and the taste of freedom wants a grill, or when you are setting out on a hike – it is easy to take with you.

 Its strength is not as small as its size – a powerful two-burner system easily generates 20,000 BTE of heat in just a few minutes.  These are very powerful options for this size.  Each burner is regulated by its rotary knob with automatic ignition, which allows you to place several different products for cooking.  A built-in thermometer helps control the temperature of the grill.  For its modest size, it has a solid 276 square inches of grill space.

 Folding legs make this grill even more compact and mobile, and also allow you to attach it to your work area in the kitchen or in the backyard.  This grill is ready to work in 5-10 minutes as soon as you have it – there are no additional assemblies and installations.  A large pull-out grease tray makes it easy to clean and grill.

10. Giantex Propane – 2-burner Tabletop Gas Grill

This grill model is very similar to the previous Cuisinart model small desktop gas grill.  They are similar in appearance – a stainless case, two burners with two handles, a folding hood, folding legs.  For the price, it is slightly cheaper than the previous compact gas grill.

 Two Giantex burners also provide 20,000 BTEs together, 10,000 each and are independently adjustable.  The removable, convenient grease tray is as easy to maintain as the Cuisinart.  Here it is worth considering that the material for the production of the pallet at Giantex is not made of stainless steel of the marine class, this should be taken into account when using the grill on the sea coast in unprotected areas.

 The main cooking area is 266 square inches and this is slightly smaller compared to the Cuisinart 276 square inches.

 This model is often very popular with lovers of grills on boats and on the coast.

11. Cuisinart CGG-180T Petit Gourmet – Portable Tabletop Gas Grill

Incredibly compact propane grill for those who are looking for the most portable and easy-to-carry grill.  It is not only small in size, but has a convenient handle for transportation.  This model can be called the best small outdoor grill among portable.

 This very small grill has a cooking area of ​​145 square inches, and it’s not so small for food – it will fit 8 hamburgers or 8 steaks, as many and even more chicken breasts.  It is not so small.  The price of a grill is very affordable and will not be a big waste.  At the same time, the grill materials, of course, are not completely stainless steel in the body, as well as high-strength plastic, but this will not prevent this grill from doing its job perfectly.

12. Char-Broil TRU-Infrared Patio Bistro Gas Grill

Concluding our review list of best small propane grills is an interesting Char-Broil model of a gas grill-patio with a built-in infrared cooking system that helps to cook food at high temperatures, preventing combustion and preserving the juiciness of the product, with an infrared system, the products do not dry out from frying.

And this is an interesting feature of the infrared grill that sets it apart from the rest.  In addition, a smoke aroma function is provided – the grill is designed appropriately so that you can put wood chips on it, which will envelop the products with a smoky aroma.

 Cover the grill and grill covered with a reliable layer of porcelain, which makes it extremely resistant to various environments and durable.  And the grill is cleaned thanks to this much faster and easier.  The primary cooking area of ​​240 square inches – that quite a considerable size among the best small gas grills, and is as much as 11-12 simultaneous cooking hamburgers.  Additionally, there is a removable stand for heating with an area of ​​80 square inches.

 This compact gas grill design allows you to place it on small patios, balconies.  Easy grill movement thanks to two large wheels.  Best small Grills for Balconies and small Patios.

At the end of the best small gas grill reviews, there are some more factors that you should consider when buying.

Construct Quality

Obviously, you never need to purchase anything you know is a bit of garbage, except if you’re going into a destruction derby.

While a small-space grill may not see as a lot of administration or upsetting climate as a full-size grill, despite everything you need something that is going to last. Evaluate your needs before you purchase:

How regularly will you grill?

What sort of climate/ecological conditions will the grill be presented to?

Where will it be put away?

In the event that you realize your grill will get substantial use, you need parts made of strong, tough materials that are business-like. On the off chance that it would have been outside and revealed more often than not, consider to imperviousness to rust.

Work Space

Investigate your space and consider where you will have the option to set down your utensils, flavors and sauces, and the nourishment itself before it goes on the grill.

On the off chance that there’s not all that much, and no spot to put a table or rack, consider whether you may require a grill that has some racks or snares.


In the event that you have someplace as a primary concern to put your new grill (ensure it’s strong, consistent, and not combustible), at that point, you won’t have to stress over a stand.

In any case, on the off chance that you do require a self-supporting grill, search for one that is solid and not inclined to tipping.

In the event that you think you’ll be moving it around much, wheels are an unquestionable requirement – even a light grill begins to appear to be substantial in the wake of moving it around a couple of times.


Size is maybe the most basic factor to consider. Attempting to shoehorn a curiously large grill into a small space is unfeasible and perhaps hazardous.

Measure your space and consider how individuals will move around the grill. You would prefer not to hazard scouring toward a hot grill while attempting to get to your seat.

You may give cutting a shot a bit of cardboard as a format to decide how huge an impression is useful/safe to work with.


Small grills and adornments don’t generally go connected at the hip. Yet, in light of the fact that you’re going with a progressively unassuming grill, that doesn’t mean you fundamentally need to abandon any advantages.

Think about concerning how you will utilize your grill and what you’ll be cooking. For instance, in case you’re simply flipping a couple of patties or moving a few wieners, you won’t require a battery of snares for hanging every one of your utensils. Attempt to discover one with the highlights you really need, yet be set up to trade-off to get a grill that fits in your space.

Client Reviews

There’s not a viable replacement for experience, so it merits taking a gander at what others need to state about a grill before you settle on your decision.

The majority of the grills we’ve chosen have been positively looked into in general, however, nothing is ever impeccable. It’s great to peruse remarks and see what circumstances have given positive outcomes, and what conditions may have prompted a negative audit.

Commentators Tip: Don’t make a judgment dependent on star appraisals alone! Frequently, individuals will leave an awful survey in light of the fact that there were transportation issues, and these are rarely an impression of the nature of the grill itself.

Financial limit

Consider cautiously before choosing the amount to spend on a grill. Consider how regularly you plan on utilizing it, and what you’re going to cook on it.

In the event that you plan on making a couple of burgers multiple times per season, there’s no compelling reason to burn up all available resources on an extravagance grill. Be that as it may, on the off chance that you truly need to get grilling some gourmet stuff all the time, you may wish to slacken the satchel strings a tad.