Hi, I’m Tom! During the day I am a serious worker, and in the evenings and on weekends I am an enthusiastic grill master. The grill is my true hobby, a real hobby, I can talk about it for a long time and with pleasure. And to share my knowledge, I run this blog.

My house is the place of my experiments, where I invite friends and acquaintances, acquaintances, and we enjoy the grill with pleasure – I enjoy the cooking process, and all my friends – food. All close and distant neighbors have known me for a long time, and they also invite me to taste their grill. Nothing beats cooking delicious food outdoors. And this does not have to be summer, because in the cool season it’s even sweeter than a hot steak, fragrant grilled bacon and fragrant hamburgers. Mmmmm …. already I want to quickly go to my patio and turn on my favorite grill.

Today I have two grills plus one (we bought the last grill with my wife’s father and this grill is with him, because my wife and I have quite a small living space and we have nowhere to use this powerful grill, but we often have a reason to see with the wife’s parents, ha ha).

At home I use my favorite Weber Spirit S210 grill – it never let me down. And we love to use it about three times a week – for ourselves.
Most often, I cook pork ribs and chicken breasts – there are never many, ah. When there is a mood, then I grill vegetables and hamburgers, and of course steaks.
The obsessed passion for grilling has already been shared by many of my friends – we are happy to have a small grill party when you need to tell someone from our company which grill is needed for a small family, and which grill is needed for a large company, and what is the best little grill for a balcony or for a picnic (yes, I also have such a mini grill for trips and trips).

When you need a grill and you find it difficult to choose and want to get the most for your money – come to me, I’m always glad to grill lovers.